A warm welcome to new friends and, hopefully, fellow Ju Jutsu students. 

Ju Jutsu/Jiu Jitsu/Ju Jitsu - the gentle art - has evolved, whilst retaining the traditions and history, from the art taught to the Samurai over the centuries to the art we see every day in many different guises. It is still, as it has always been, a highly effective form of self-defence. It is also a good way to improve your fitness, flexibility and awareness.

Within Shoshin-Do Ju Jutsu we aim to maintain the attitude of the beginner, with no preconceptions and limitless possibilities, whilst growing within the art and our lives. BUT to mainly to have fun in and out of our Ju Jutsu studies.

At Shoshin-Do Ju Jutsu there are no short cuts to a black belt. The only way is by training regularly.

There are no specific Ju Jutsu classes for behinners, as the study of martial arts is a continuous progression, so come along and have a go.

If you already study a martial art and want to cross train or try our style of Ju Jutsu you will be made welcome.

Contact us for more details, but don’t forget to browse the rest of this site.

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