FAQs 2

Will I have to fight people?
You will practice with a training partner, but due to the nature of the art there is no actual fighting of people. Your training partners change regularly throughout the lesson. There are opportunities to get involved with sport Ju Jutsu, but this is not mandatory or ever enforced.

What about injuries? Will I get hurt?
Ju Jutsu is not actually a sport and is practiced under strict supervision to ensure that training remains, as far as can be achieved, injury free. The techniques must be practiced with care and consideration in order to ensure the safety of all parties.

Ju Jutsu is a contact combat art and injuries do occur from time to time. We endeavour to ensure that the “time to time” is very infrequent, by exercising concentration and control during training.

What are the ability ranges within the existing club?
The class ranges from novices to experienced practitioners. The study of martial arts is a continual process and so everyone in the class is on the same path, just at different places.

What if I’ve never studied martial arts before?
Why not come along and see if what we do interests you? Otherwise why are you reading this page.........? 

There is no problem bringing your partner or a friend....  even if they only want to watch then join us after for the social side of the club.

Do I need to learn Japanese? 
No. We do use japanese terms with english translations. Given time you will pick up the terminology, but there is no rush.

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