Self Defence

It is a sad fact that in these modern times, normal law abiding people avoid going out after dark and feel vulnerable in their own homes. With the appearance that violent thefts, rape and assaults are on the increase, it is becoming increasingly important that law abiding citizens can recognise potentially dangerous situations and if required have the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The basic principle of self defence is to lower the risk of becoming a victim and to avoid potentially dangerous situations by not getting into a violent confrontation with your attacker.

Most criminals are looking for an easy victim from which they can satisfy their wants/needs, be they financial, sexual or physical bullying. The risk of becoming a victim and being subjected to a violent assault can be reduced by taking a few simple precautions.

Try to travel in groups - Travelling alone increases the risk of becoming a victim.

Plan your route - The risk of being attacked is lower if you keep to well lit public areas.

Do not openly display valuables such as jewellery - Jewellery and cash are what the mugger is looking for do not make yourself a target.

Wear low heeled shoes if travelling by foot - It is impossible to run in six inch stilettos however fashionable, but a great deal easier to carry them.

IF you are attacked

- try to take control, create space between you and your attacker

- try not to show fear 

- be assertive, react quickly

- under no circumstances allow yourself to be taken to another location.


Walk facing the traffic - You will be able to see approaching cars.

Walk with confidence, hold your head high and always look like you know where you are going. You are more likely to be perceived as a victim if you look lost.

Keep your money and keys separate from your handbag - If attacked you will still have some money to get home.

Let loved ones know your route and what time you expect to arrive - If attacked you will be missed and found earlier.

Keep your eyes and ears open - if you feel in fear of assault get help stop passers by, knock on doors, make your way to a public place - It is always better to end up embarrassed than assaulted.

Ju Jutsu is known to be a well respected form of self defence. Especially with the correct instruction, guidance and practice.

The use of force is condoned only in self-defence or in the defence of those who are defenceless. Ju Jutsu training sessions are conducted with respect and care, to the art and each other.

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