Frequently Asked Questions

Ju-Jutsu and Shoshin-Do

There are numerous definitions and historical texts on Ju Jutsu, it’s past and present. SO we will not attempt to reproduce texts here..... instead follow the links (right) if you would like to find out more about the roots of this art.

Ju Jutsu is a contact martial art, which is a highly effective form of self-defence. It is taught throughout the world and is enjoyed by many different cultures, in many different forms. It is derived from the original arts (ryuha) the Samurai warriors studied.  This covers locks, holds, throws, grappling, kicks, strikes, as well as the use of weapons.

Training in Ju Jutsu (or any martial art) will affect other areas of normal life, such as awareness, self-confidence,c co-ordination, balance, general fitness, flexibility and posture. Ju Jutsu emphasises using an attacker's own force or their balance against them. It also emphasises certain grappling/restraint moves and strikes. 

A Ju Jutsu student (Ju Jutsuka) will be taught how to gauge the force of an opponent's attack and temper their own response.  From body movement  and control of the technique, to the application of locks, nerve and pressure points to further assist with control or dealing with the particular situation. 

The main goal for Shoshin-Do during Ju Jutsu practice is to cultivate a person's mind and body and not to use the training as a means to vent one's anger, frustration or emotional problems. To meet other like minded people and share in the journey this art can start you on and have fun doing it!!


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