There is no way to find out about something just by reading about it or watching a movie. The same follows for Ju Jutsu (Martial Arts) and Shoshin-Do. This site will hopefully give you an insight to us, our philosophies and the art we practice. Our suggestion is come along and meet us.

One thing you will find in our Ju Jutsu club is a warm and friendly welcome.

Our training is geared to make the beginner feel at home and to help them learn in a way that best suits them.  To keep the experienced Ju Jutsuka engaged and interested. People learn best when they are relaxed and engaged in what they are doing, so our sessions are geared to be enjoyable.

If we are not what you are looking for, we will always try to help.

Further details of our Ju Jutsu classes and seminars are posted on Facebook .

We are a friendly club for people of all ages and skills. The study of martial arts is a continual process so there is no specific time to start. Come along and meet us.  

Shoshin-Do Ju Jutsu is a part of Musashi Ryu Jiu Jitsu.

© Shoshin-Do Ju Jutsu 2012

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