FAQs 1


How do I start?
Come along and see us at a training session. You can contact us first to have a talk, then hopefully come along.

What do I wear?
If you do not already own Gi (training uniform), then for your first few lessons track suit bottoms and a t shirt will suffice. For females a sports bra is recommended. Eventually, you will realise the benefits of the correct training equipment.

What should I bring?
Your self, a drink is a good idea and maybe a small towel, as we do tend to get a little sweaty. As you progress through your training you will start to use weapons and will more than likely end up with a full kit bag of some description. 

How much does it cost?
There is an annual membership and insurance fee, plus a fee for each lesson. The current prices are £12-15 and £4-6 respectively these may change without notification on this site. We can send you a copy of the current price list which is maintained regularly.

Do I need to be fit?
It certainly helps, but is not necessary as the nature of the training will increase your fitness levels over time. Our training does include a comprehensive warm up and stretching period at the start of each session.

I’m concerned about going on my own, to a class where I won’t know anyone. What will it be like?
If you have never trained in a Martial Art before.....you will probably feel a little strange at the start, like any new activity. We will welcome you and help you to get to know us so that you can find out about the art and why we train. Everyone has something to learn and to give. We are all “of the beginner’s mind” and so, because you are focussing on what you are being taught, any self consciousness soon gets forgotten during the lesson.

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